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Oregano Cubano - plant with a 2.5 inch Round Cemented Planter

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This plant is a wonderful plant - great smell, delicious flavor and an easy grower. The flavor is much stronger than a Greek Oregano ~ the leaves contain pungent oils and use much less in any recipes calling for oregano. A lovely plant with thick fuzzy leaves, grayish green and finely haired, with a saw toothed edge. It produces small, delicate flowers that are tubular in nature and come in pink, white and lavender. The plant has a lovely trailing habit, and works well in a container. The plant emits a strong menthol scent when the leaves are crushed. A semi tropical, it must be brought inside in any zone below 9, but the good news is that it grows well indoors as long as you place the pot in a bright sunny window. Outdoors, make sure to provide your plant with a little afternoon shade as full sun may be too strong. And, this plant has succulent fleshy leaves so make sure that you don't over water, and provide well-draining soil. It is planted into a cemented planter whose height is 4 inch and is 2.5 inch round.
Look and Feel:    Raw
Plant Family:    Mints
Material:    Cement
Shape:    Circular
Height (Inches):    3" to 4"
Size (Inches):     up to 3”

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  • Shine Zakharia - March 7, 2019:

    Excellent Service and easy to book.

  • Anand S - Sep 2, 2019:

    The Service was very professional and on time.